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FNSW RETURN TO TRAINING GUIDELINES 960 1280 Marrickville Football Club

These are very important instructions, rules and guidelines that will allow Marrickville FC and you, to operate during this difficult time. Non compliance will result in training cancellation.

If anyone in your training group is feeling unwell and have COVID-19 symptoms they should not be at training. If they start feeling unwell at training, they are to immediately make contact with a club official and leave training.


  • Only essential personnel are to attend training – players, team officials, essential volunteers. Each team is to provide one extra person for training session. This person is to assist with COVID-19 restrictions, take players to the toilet (one at a time) and hygiene guidelines.
  • Parents/friends are to drop off the players and return to their cars or leave the park.
  • No social activities to occur before or after training has concluded

  • Training will be 45 minutes. You have 5 minutes to leave the training session. This is to allow the next training session to have no contact with people from the previous training session.
  • Training start times are to be staggered so to avoid having too many people at the sessions at one given time.
  • Promote education around hand washing guidance to all club members. Each team is to bring their own hand sanitiser.
  • Player attendance is required for every session. The form can be found on MFC website in the Coaches dropdown menu (resources). These are to be emailed (managingdirector@marrickvillefc.org.au) or returned to the Office at Mackey Park after every training session. Please complete the player details on the form prior to arrival.
  • If attendance forms are not submitted, your next training session will not be available to you.
  • A Football pitch is to be split into quarters
  • No more than 20 people to be allocated per quarter of the pitch.
  • Social distancing is to be implemented – at least 1.5m between people at all times
  • No person to person contact training drills (tackling or challenges) to be conducted. No games allowed.
  • Any handling of equipment is to be kept to a minimum
  • Heading drills must be minimised and picking up the ball and throw ins must be discouraged
  • Regular breaks are provided so that players can hydrate and use hand sanitiser
  • If training bibs are used, each individual player is to be allocated a bib and they are responsible for taking the bib home to wash and return. We recommend that you do not use bibs at this time.
  • Players are to enter and leave the pitch in a timely manner minimising social contact and large gatherings.
  • Players should arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to training commencing
  • Players should come dressed and prepared to train
  • Players are to bring their own clearly labelled drink bottle. No sharing of drink bottles is to be permitted
  • Players are to leave the venue immediately once their training session has concluded
  • Surface areas must be wiped down regularly with anti-bacterial disinfectant
  • All equipment (e.g. cones and balls balls) should be cleaned after usage. Cleaning stations will be provided at under cover area of canteens at both Mackey Park and Steel Park. Only coaches, managers and essential volunteers are to stay for the cleaning process.
  • Marrickville FC will not supply any equipment (ball pump, goals, posts, bibs etc)

  • Carry and use hand sanitiser on a regular basis.
  • If using tissues, place them directly into the bin after use.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating and after using the toilet.
  • No sharing of pens or clip boards, individuals must provide their own.
  • Seek to avoid the use of public toilets, however if necessary, ensure hands are washed thoroughly.
  • Do not touch eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean.
  • No spitting at any time.
  • Do not share drink bottles.
  • Practice social distancing maintaining at least 1.5m from others.

The Inner West Council prohibits the use of the club house for meetings/training sessions and the use of the change rooms. Only public toilets will be open. Volunteers from teams will also be required during training to assist, oversee to ensure and enforce all guidelines and protocols. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If through this process you have any queries, please reach out via email. The Club will try and support you and your players as best it can.

With Regards,
Georgie Kokokiris
Managing Director