What are registration fees for the 2019 Season

The fees are set to recover the cost of putting a player on teh park for the season.  For a breakdown of fees see Where does my registration FAQ 26.0

The committee have set the fess for 2019 as follows:

  • Under 6 and Under 7 – $210.00
  • Under 8 and Under 9 – $215.00
  • Under 10 and Under 11 – $230.00
  • Under 12 and Under 17 – $246.00
  • Under 18 – $283.00
  • Seniors – $385.00
  • Student $339.00

What is NOT included in the 2019 fees

  • Officals (Assistant Referees and Referees Match Fees) – these are covered by the team and NOT part of registration fees
  • Kit – kit was issued in 2018 for 2 years – however all Under 6/7 new to the club and Under 8 players will recieve new kit
  • Players joining MFC for the first time in 2019 that are not Under 6/7 or Under 8 will be required to pay a one year kit levee fee
  • Boots, shin guards, water bottle


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National Code of Conduct (Football Federation of Australia)

If you would like to view the National Code of Conduct please follow the link to the Football Federation of Australia Code of Conduct https://footballnsw.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/FFA-National-Code-of-Conduct.pdf

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Football insurance, what’s covered, how to claim

Football NSW Insurance Information (effective for 2019)

  1. FNSW Insurance website
  1. Insurances Provided
  • Claims Made Policy – It must be noted that the Management Liability policy is a claims made policy. This means that the policy indemnifies for claims first made against you and notified to the Insurer during the period of insurance. It is therefore extremely important that notification is given immediately to Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Limited or the Insurer as soon as you are aware of a claim or any circumstance that may lead to a claim


2019 Certificates of Currency (CoC)

Public Liability insurance is provided by FNSW for Clubs, Branches, Associations and their member Clubs, Futsal Clubs and Centres affiliated with FNSW and Referee Branches.

A certificate of currency (CoC) is a document that provides proof of public liability insurance.

If your Council requires their name on the CoC as an “Interested Party”

If for any reason your club is not listed or is listed incorrectly please contact Gow-Gates on (02) 8267 9999.

Injury Claim Process

  • Injury claim forms are now completed online through the claims portal on the FNSW Insurance website.
  • The online claim process enables claimants to apply and upload documents and receipts online for quicker processing.
  • To lodge an injury claim go to Lodge your Claim online
  • The claimant registers and completes the claim form online.
  • The Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement forms are both downloaded and printed by the claimant from the claims portal.
  • The Club Declaration is completed by the club and is then saved and uploaded to the claims portal by the claimant.
  • The Physician’s Statement is completed by the claimant’s Doctor or Specialist and is then saved and uploaded to the claims portal by the claimant.
  • Alternatively these documents can be emailed to football@gowgates.com.au or posted to Gow-Gates Claims, PO Box 4731, Sydney NSW 2001.

Injury Claim Verifications

  • Claim verification is required for all injury claims to ensure the player was registered at time of injury, was participating in a sanctioned activity and that the information provided on the claim is accurate.
  • Verification cannot occur until the Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement are uploaded or received by Gow-Gates.
  • Association injury claims are verified by the relevant Association.


For all enquiries regarding insurance, please contact Gow-Gates on (02) 8267 9999 or email football@gowgates.com.au

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What is Marrickville Football Club’s vision?

Our Vision:
To provide a friendly environment that fosters enjoyment, creating friendships and inspiring a team spirit for all ages and levels of ability through football

Guiding Principles:
What is best for members
A Football focus
Encourage sportsmanship, respect for all
An intent to discover what’s possible

Our Foundation:
We’re a great grassroots (football) community club in the inner west of Sydney

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Can I train early than 7pm if my team is Under 12 or above

  • The club has split training out to before 7pm and after 7pm
  • After 7pm training areas double in size providing the larger squads with more space and room to coach relevant game awareness for these age groups
  • After the beginning of the season the club will not accept bookings from teams in the U12 and above age group.
  • Following all allocations of training areas before 7pm the club will open up requests to train earlier but this will not be until after the beginning of the season (April)
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What happens of a referee does not turn up to referee my match?

Both parties must agree on a person to referee the match, if both teams cannot agree on a suitable person to referee the match then the game shall not proceed.

THE CDSFA Rule  7.2 states that “where a person is appointed to referee the match, he shall have all the powers of an official referee”  which is a point that is worth making to both teams before agreeing on the suitable person.

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What day is my game?

Game day is driven by the age (competition) that the team is in

Playing Saturday 

  • Under 6/7 (Inter Marrickville Competition)
  • Under 8 to Under 11 Boys/Mixed
  • All Age Men (Saturday Comp)
  • Over 35’s Mens
  • Over 45’s Mens

Playing Sunday 

  • All Girls Sides
  • Under 12 to Under 13 Boys/Mixed
  • Under 14 to Under 21’s
  • All Age Men (Sunday Comp)
  • All Age Womens
  • Over 30 Womens


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How am I allocated a team?

The way players are allocated to a team varies generally by age group so below is an explanation of how it operates.    A well attended grading session enables the club to best fit players into teams of like capability and then teams into a best fit division.  When successful, the players, team and club generally have a better season. The challenges come when players / teams miss grading or are late registering  to play.  Every year we improve our grading process. Generally we need help to administrate the process efficiently so please offer your help if you can.

Sessions are generally in February with the exception of Under 6/7 which is March.  For details on dates, times and locations see What’s On Section

Under 6 and 7 Players

No grading, just team formation day, which is in the calendar (but typically in March).  All registered players for these age groups come down the club and we get teams sorted based on friends, previous years teams (under 7) and schools.

Under 8 Players

This is the hardest age group as this is the first year of playing other teams in the district. We have to pull together like capability kids and then assess them to put them into a division where they can have some fun. We request that ALL Under 8 players come to grading sessions.  Dates, times and  locations are all available through the What’s On Page.

Under 9 to Under 18

Across these age groups we have a blend of returning teams (from last year), players who want to change teams and new players (new to football, moved into area or coming from another local club).  Across these age groups we run grading sessions (see What’s On), however, if a team is returning and has a significant number of returning players who have registered, we can make exceptions.  We do ask Coach and Manager to attend grading to ensure contact, help and provide them with the opportunity to look at new players to fill any gaps.

Senior Teams

We do run grading sessions for senior teams (See What’s On), however, generally these teams are returning and looking for a few additional players.

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Can I get a refund?


To obtain a refund you must

  1. DE-REGISTERED through the Football NSW Playfootball Website BEFORE 01 APRIL in that season.  FNSE Playfootball
  2. Complete the Refund Request Form below

Please note

  • No other process is considered a request so Emailing the club or telling someone at the club is not sufficient.
  • The above must be completed before 01 April for that season
  • If you have used an Active Kids voucher as part payment for registration you will not receive a refund until after the Active Kids Payment has reached the club – this can take 4-6 weeks
  • Refunds typically take 2-3 weeks to process (Active Kids Voucher exceptions) providing you have correctly followed the process and provided all the inforamation requested


From 01 April (inclusive) no refunds are processed under any circumstances.  Whilst this may sound a little harsh, the registration fee received has already been spent by the club, FNSW and Canterbury District.  The club do not receive any monies back from registrations from FNSW / CDSFA


Registration Refund Request

Request to refund registration paid for current season
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How do I find my FFA number

If you have played football in Australia before, you should have an Football Federation of Australia (FFA) number

If you are new to football in Australia then you will need to get one.

To complete either process (find or create) click on this link and following the instructions provided

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How do I apply an Active Kids Voucher?

From 31 January 2018, parents, guardians and carers can apply for a $100 voucher per calendar year for each student enrolled in school. The voucher may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

Obtain your Voucher Code

  1. Go to the NSW Government Active Kids website
  2. You will need to verify details with e.g. Medicare Card
  3. Complete personal details and receive your 16-digit Voucher Code
  4. Write down your Voucher Code for future reference

Apply your Voucher Code

  1. Goto MarrickvilleFC website
  2. Follow registration process
  3. Apply this Voucher Code when prompted


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Can I use my Active Kids Voucher for football at MFC


When you register and complete payment you can add your voucher reference, and providing it is valid, you can complete the payment process by using the voucher and paying the remainder.  Plesae remember you need to get ypur voucher reference BEFORE you complete the registration process as the club cannot retrospectively apply the voucher.  If you do not use your voucher at this point you will have to de-register and re-register.

Please see the Home Page for the Register NOW link

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How often and when is training?

Training usually starts at the beginning of March and ends typically part way through August (aligning with the season).

Training for Under 6/7 is on Saturdays prior to game.  Additional skills training is available on Wednesday evening to all registered U6/7 players at a marginal additional cost for the season

Under 8 and above – training day(s) and time for everyone else is decided by the teams coach and not the club.  The club block books fields for midweek training at both Steel and Mackey Park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The coach is then responsible for booking these fields via the club website.

As a general rule, to ensure space is available for everyone, U8 to U11 teams can train between 5:30pm to 7:00pm and U12 and above for 7:00pm onwards.

If you have a problem with the training night of the team you have joined then the club will facilitate a move where it can.

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What footwear do you recommend?

Generally, the grounds in winter are relatively hard (despite rain).  The best boot for the season is one suited to firm ground.  These typically have moulded studs.   If you are unsure then please ask.  Also, during the month of March (or early if training in February) all grounds are deemed NO STUDS.  The reason for this is to protect the grass which is still recovering and rooting prior to the season.  During this period and even in very dry periods the use of an indoor shoe or astro/artificial-turf boot should be used.

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What is the optional skills session for Under 6 and Under 7

In 2017 Marrickville Football Club changed its under 6 and 7 format to reduce the number of times players had to get to Mackey Park by combining training and games into the one Saturday morning session of 90 minutes (45 minute training and 45 minute game).  Following positive feedback this schedule is being maintained, however the club noted that a number of players wanted a little more skills acquisition training.  We are therefore introducing a Wednesday skills session with a qualified coached at a ratio of 1:10.  This will provide accessible and affordable training for girls and boys of this age group who just want a little more.

Why do we have to pay more?  The club constantly reviews its additional services portfolio and in order to maintain it’s other services (i.e. Goal Keeper Training and Female Only Coaching) alongside the Under 6/7 Skills session the club had an option of either dropping a service or ask for a contribution.   The committee decided to spread its funds across 3 services and request a contribution capped at 50% of the cost of the service.

You can purchase the additional skills sessions through the club shop

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What is the ball size for my age group?

SIZE 3     Under 6, 7, 8 and 9

SIZE 4     Under 10,11, 12 and 13

SIZE 5     Everyone else


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How long does my game go for?

  • Under 6 & 7                             15 minutes each half
  • Under 8 & 9                             20 minutes each half
  • Under 10, 11 & 12                    25 minutes each half
  • Under 13 & 14                          30 minutes each half
  • Under 15 & 16                          35 minutes each half
  • Under 17 & Over 45               40 minutes each half
  • All Age, Over 35 & Women   45 minutes each half



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When does the winter season start and end?

  • The specific dates for each year can  vary and each season can be found in the club calendar
  • The Winter Season starts the first weekend in April and concludes the last weekend in August
    • Semi-finals commence immediately after the normal league fixtures are concluded (typically beginning of August)
    • From Under 6 to Under 11 which are non-competitive ages no finals exist, but an end of season gala day is held.  At this event all teams from same division play at the same location and against a team of a similar capability within that group of teams.
  • The Summer Season starts the last weekend of August and concludes the first weekend in December
    • This can change depending on the competitions entered by Marrickville Football Club
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What should I put on the match sheets?

  • The Manager shall enter any player playing who is missing from the sheet (e.g. a player playing up from another team)
  • If a player on the match sheet does not take part in the game their name should be struck from the list
  • Remember the maximum number of players that be put on a match sheet are
    • Under 8/9                    11 players
    • Under 10/11                 13 players
    • Under 12 to All Age    16 players
    • Over 35/45                   16 players
    • BBC                                16 players

BE CAREFUL the fines for fielding too many players are significant and passed on to the team.

  • Any injury should be noted on the sheet
  • A manager can request any reasonable matter regarding the game to be entered on the match sheet
  • BOTH team managers must sign the sheet and initial scores
  • The home team must return the sheet to Marrickville Football Club (Completed Match Sheet Post Box) by no later than Tuesday 18:00hrs
  • If the match sheet is NOT filled out correctly there is a fine
  • If the match sheet is not returned in time there is a fine
  • In the finals (August) it is the WINNING TEAM MANAGER’S responsibility to collect and return the sheet at the end of the game (not the first team listed on the draw)
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When do I get my kit

Players can pick their match day kit up in March.  The Team Manager should book a fitting session for the whole team to attend.  Each player is then fitted and a complete set provide to the Team Manager for distribution that night.  Whilst the club endeavours to procure the correct kit numbers and sizes it is impossible to be 100% correct without buying significantly more kit that we need.  Therefore, attending the kit fitting session in March is a MUST. If we have run out of a size we have processes in place to order small quantities quickly, however, if we do not know in time then we will struggle to obtain kit for round 1.

Please note that no Under 6 or 7 Team is required to attend to attend kit fitting.  A complete kit is handed to complete teams on Team Formation Day

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Can I play up an age group?

In short YES.  You can play up but not down an age group.

Playing Up Permanently –  If, from the beginning of the season, you play in the Under 13 but you are the correct age for the Under 12, then you are NOT eligible to play Under 12 football at all. You cannot go and help a team out in the Under 12’s even though you are eligible for that age group.

Playing Up To Help Out – You can play up to help a team out that is short (great more football!), but be careful.  If you play for that team 5 times or more in a season then you are considered part of that team and you will NOT be able to play for the younger age group again that season.

Remember if in doubt ASK  [info@marrickvillefc.org.au]

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How do I work out which age group I play in?

  • For football in Australia the year for determining age is the calendar year (01 January to 31 December)
  • The age you are turning in that year is the age group you play in. If your turn 13 that year then you can play Under 13’s.
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What kit does the club provide as part of registration?

Players Match Day Kit

  • Each outfield player will receive PUMA match day jersey and shorts plus a red pair of football socks.  This is excepted to last 2 years
  • Each Goal Keeper (Permanent) will receive PUMA GK Jersey and Shorts plus matching socks.  This is expected to last 2 years
  • Where teams do not have a permanent GK a shirt ONLY will be issued.
  • The kit will be fitted and issued to team managers (all players in the team MUST attend player fittings at the beginning of March – see Calendar for exact dates for that year

See MFC Kit Policy for Further details

Coaches Kit

  • Bag of training balls (topped up from last year if you still have some)
  • Size 3 (Under 6 to Under 9), Size 4 (Under 10 to Under 13) and Size 5 (Under 14 Up)
  • Ball Bag (if required)
  • Cones (as required)
  • Bibs (as required)

Managers Kit

  • Match Ball
  • Players Cards (these are issued to Managers once all players have completed registration and payment process)
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What equipment do I need?

What do I need?

  • Training top – generally a lightweight t-shirt or sports top.
  • Training shorts – lightweight pair of shorts
  • Socks – football socks or similar (long as shin pads need to covered)
  • Boots – boots for hard grass surfaces.  The majority of the season you will be playing on harder grass surfaces.  At the beginning of the season (Feb and March) training is in trainers (no boots) in order to protect the grass
  • Shin Pads – a must and players will be prevented from participating in games if shin pads are not worn

Where Can I get them?

  • A number of local retailers exist (Rebel, Decathlon), or you can go online
  • Boots – MFC operates a boot exchange program which is very popular. Members are able to bring outgrown (but still in one piece) boots and look to grab another pair that fit.  If you are new to the game and have nothing to exchange then we just ask that you bring boots back when you have out grown them
  • Puma – as part of our relationship with PUMA we are able to offer special discounts on PUMA boots and other items (please ask or see the website shop for details)
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Are there games over school holidays?

In short YES but the following exceptions exist
Under 6 and Under 7 – because Marrickville run this competition we do not schedule a game for the middle Saturday of the school holidays
Under 8 to Under 11 – generally no game is scheduled as this is a non-competitive competition

All other age groups will have a game scheduled for Saturday or Sunday of the school holidays.

Whether training is on during the holidays is a team coach decision.

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Who coaches the side?

A volunteer. Typically this is a parent or older sibling of one of the players, however we do have a few coaches that have stayed coaching a side despite the fact that their child has outgrown the club or move away from the area. A number of players who are active in senior football also support our community by coaching a side. We are always looking for coaches (no previous experience necessary in younger age groups) and offer every assistance we can to support coaches through the year. If you want to access professional coaching for your player then this can be purchased through the Red Devils Football Academy or other channels.

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Where does my registration fee go?

Marrickville Football Club set its registration fees to recover the base cost of putting a player on the pitch. This includes field hire, Football New South Wales (FNSW) and Canterbury District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA) Fees, kit and equipment (balls,cones, balls etc) and administration (wages, volunteer rewards, office costs etc). Revenue generated through sponsorship and canteen supports club administration and additional equipment/services (e.g. mobile goals, female only training, GK training etc) Whilst the percentages differ slightly per age group the following is a guide to where your registration fee goes.

19% Kit and Equipment
19% Salary and Wages
14% Field Hire
9% Admin
5% GST Net

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