Managers Resources Page

Welcome to the managers resources page. This page pulls together as much information as we can to help you perform the role of Team Manager. Firstly thank you for taking on the role we appreciate it. Without people like yourself our club would fail to exist. Remember no silly questions so please ask but first check the FAQ section as this is very comprehensive.
  • How to book in for Team Kit Fitting and pick up
  • Registration & Players cards - the basics
  • Check list for a typical week
  • Applications - ICOMPMAN and TEAMSTUFF - the basics
  • How to get more help
  • Team Kit Fitting - Booking Calendar

    Managers ONLY book please for team. Select Fitting Table (1 to 5), check availability and then book a single 30 min slot. Remember all players kit will be issued to manager following fitting. Any player missing the fitting must provide the manager with their size. The risk of that kit NOT fitting is the responsibility of the player not the club and remember each year kit sizes changed based on manufacture and style so please do not assume you are the same size as previous years
    Kit Fitting Table 1
    Thank you for booking online. You'll receive an email confirmation at your email address

    Registration Cards

  • Collecting and managing player cards is a key role for the manager
  • No card will be issued without payment confirmation
  • If no photo is uploaded by the player during registration then no card will be printed
  • Cards are produced by the Association (Not the Club)
  • To guarantee your card for Round 1 all parts of registration MUST be completed at least 28 days prior to Round One
  • The No Card No Play Rule is operated by the Association through the Officials
  • If you card is lost or retained by the referee (e.g. Red Card) then it can take 7 days to recover
  • Officials Payment

  • Collecting and managing officials payments is a key role for the manager
  • Teams are responsible for paying officials not the club
  • Each manager should collect a float (contribution from each player) at the beginning of the season
  • The club pay officials for U6 to U9 games ONLY
  • Failure to complete officials payment can result in automatic forfeit
  • How much do I need to pay officials (referees)

    A Managers Typical Week

  • Day Off
  • Check games in ICOMPMAN
  • Update TeamStuff
  • Confirm player attendance
  • Speak to Age Coordinator if short
  • Last day to return weekends match sheet
  • Book alternative kit (if required)
  • Day Off
  • Check ICOMPMAN to confirm fixture
  • Fixtures can change as late as Wednesday
  • Check player attendance and chase
  • Check Wet Weather
  • Check wet weather
  • Match Sheet and Match Ball (if home team)
  • Referees money (U10 upwards)
  • Wear officials vest
  • Complete match sheet
  • Keep track of score
  • Sign Match Sheet
  • Pay the officials
  • Text result to club
  • Applications that you need to use


  • Software used by the District to manage players, teams, fixtures, tables, discipline and results
  • The Marrickville Football Club Registrar has access to this system
  • As a manager you can check fixtures, results and tables within ICOMPMAN
  • Type ICOMPMAN Public into Google
  • You can subscribe to SMS Alerts for weekly reminders and notifications of cancelled/rescheduled games
  • SMS alerts you will need to be a registered user and cost is about $10.00 for the year.
  • TeamStuff

  • Free Application that helps run your team
  • Google maps integration to help playing fields
  • Club run the club version of App allowing your team to join the club and receive notifications
  • Does not integrated with ICOMPMAN so fixtures need to be added manually
  • This App significantly improves communications and reduces email traffic
  • More Help Please

  • Face to Face - please come and catch up. Try to avoid busy times as we our always short on volunteers so match days are challenging
  • Email -
  • FAQ - please go to FAQ's section and have a browse / search
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