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Marrickville Football Club offers a comprehensive range of skills development programs for an improved football experience for all member coaches, teams and players alike.


This offering has been developed leveraging the FFA curriculum lead by the Club’s Director of Football Mr. Bill Drossos and Technical Director, Mr. Thomas Engesser. Both are FIFA/FFA accredited and licensed coaches each with 20+ years experience delivering quality football services.

The programs embrace a Community Club mindset: They are developed by your Community Club with the backing of a 75-year history, centered with Community Members’ experience firmly in mind, delivered in-house by your Community Club and available to ALL Club members.

This holistic program approach and structure offers an unprecedented value-for-money, professionally led skills development experience that’s both unique and rare within a community football context. It is the commencement of a sustained foundational program of services and products that, with your feedback, will improve year on year.

By selecting a program you will improve your football skills and experience with Marrickville Football Club AND you will also be investing back into your Club and your Community.

Questions? Reach out via info@marrickvillefc.org.au for queries on any of the program details or compete the Expression of Interest form.


Player will receive notification as per the result of the trials by November 30th.

1 and 2

Age Groups:
Under 8 to Under 14


  • All coaching services delivered by Accredited Professional Coaches
  • Team training Tuesday nights (March – August)
  • Coach led games (April – August)
  • Goalkeeper Skills Training included for dedicated goalkeepers

Trial games at Mahoney Reserve, Marrickville:
Saturday 6th March, 2021
Sunday 7th March, 2021
Sunday 14th March, 2021
Saturday 27th March, 2021


Trial Dates:
Monday 16th November & Monday 23rd November 2020
5.30pm for under 8-11
7.00pm for under 12 – 14


Age Groups:
6 – 16 years (individual age groups)


  • All coaching services delivered by Accredited Professional Coaches
  • Intense 60 minute skill sessions
  • Specific sessions separated into female, goalkeeping and age based
  • Ratio of up to 8 players per coach
  • Modular – Delivered four 6-week program sessions focusing on defending, attacking, ball control, team strategy
  • Modules are optional – Players can take all 4 modules or pick and choose individual modules

Days available:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (to accommodate alternate days from team training)

Skills Sessions: $120
Goalkeeper: $180

Session 1 Football Fun (5 weeks) Starting April:
Back to football with the focus on many touches of the ball.
Our small sided games used during these sessions are design for maximum touches of the ball, lots of energy and fun. This vibrate approach engages the players quickly, gets them back into the game typically after a break, focusing on engaging not only the body but the mind.

Session 2 Ball Movement (5 weeks) Starting April:
Working on the process of ball movement to create a player in space ready to progress play.
Our small sided games used during these sessions are design to educate the players is  moving the ball in order to move opposition players and draw players in.  They also focus on a key skill and mindset of being comfortable with the ball in small spaces and then helping the player recognise the moment to penetrate.  Think of how a tennis player moves their opponent and then picks the moment to attempt the winner, the point is carefully constructed.  A similar concept is applied to football however players need to recognise the complexities of a team environment.

Session 3  Progressing the Play (5 weeks):
Working on facing forward and moving the ball forward to progress play.
Our small sided games used during these sessions focus on the killer pass, through ball movement the player is facing forward, in space and able to play between the lines.  Or the player is free and able to turn and open up, the player checks shoulder (space is behind them).  Or the player receives the ball and is in 1v1 situation.

Session 4  Finishing Situation (5 weeks):
Working on capitalising all the hard work in ball movement and progressing play to realise a finishing situation.
Our small sided games focus on working in small spaces (as around the goal space is limited), quick combinations and recognising the moment.

Goal Keeper Session (10 Weeks):

Goal keepers provide positional and numerical superiority when playing in the back third.  So out goal keeper sessions put equal emphasis on Playing without the ball (Shot stopping) and playing with the ball.  The former is more traditional role of the Goal Keeper and the later a more current approach to the art of goal keeping and you will see this approach played out every week by the top teams and top leagues over the world.  This makes the GK role a lot more interesting and influential in the game.
We focus on working keepers to

  • Act of a deep lying pivot
  • Progress play by drawing the play forward
  • Support the players from behind – move up the pitch

And we teach them to stop shots….


Parent Coaching Development :

  • Up-skill parent coaches across all age levels – 6 & 7, Juniors, Youth, Seniors
  • Supports coaches integrate coach courses (e.g Grassroots Training accreditation) mandatory from 2021
  • Targets all components of coching – training preparation, program development, match-days, player management, etc.
  • Training delivered by Accredited Professional Coaches.

CDSFA coach courses
Mandatory from 2021 all teams’ coaches attend appropriate aged-based accredited coaching courses:

  1. Miniroos Grassroots Course (6-11)
  2. Skill Training Course (10-18)
  3. Game Training Courses (12-Adult)

Cost: TBA

Team Coaching:

Designed to assist teams at all levels who wish to collectively pay for an accredited coach for
all training sessions and match days across the full season


  • All coaching services delivered by Accredited Professional Coaches
  • Team training Tuesday nights (March – August)
  • Coach led games (April – August)
  • Goalkeeper Skills Training included for dedicated goalkeepers

Cost: TBA

Mini Roos Kick-Off Program (Optional):

FFA sanctioned football discovery programs for 3-5 year olds
Having fun and learning skills to play football
Fantastic introduction to the game

Click here for more information

School Holiday Clinics:

Marrickville FC have once again partnered with Sydney FC to offer your child a chance to get back into the swing of playing football.

For more information and how to book click here

Cost: $295 (3 day package)


Health &

Designed for players (and parents/guardians) to understand the role of good nutrition and healthy habits in maximising performance and overall health and well-being

Club provided (no cost)

Navigating the
Football Industry

Designed to assist parents and players awareness of the football industry including pathways (SAP, NPL), what to look for in selecting a Club or training programs, on-the-ground tips & tricks to avoid traps and pitfalls.

Club provided (no cost)