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Winter Season 2020 Update

Winter Season 2020 Update 960 1280 Marrickville Football Club

Dear Players, Parents and Friends,
With the demanding environment we are facing and operating under, the Club trusts you and your family are managing as best as possible under the challenging circumstances. Marrickville Football Club would like to update you with developments on community football.
On Thursday 21st May Football NSW (FNSW website) confirmed that community football may resume training and on Wednesday 27th May Inner West Council (field owner) issued permission to use grounds. The resumption of training and use of local grounds is predicated on strict guidelines and protocols issued by both organisations.
To manage and contain the spread of COVID-19 virus, Marrickville FC supports the Public Health Order Phase 2 directions as they apply to community sport.
Upon careful consideration of FNSW protocols and Council guidelines, it is the Club’s Management Committee decision that at present it is unable to support Phase 2 training activities as they practically apply to all 152 MFC teams. This decision remains under constant review and consideration and, as soon as circumstances change, training will be introduced.
Proposed Winter 2020 Season 
The Canterbury & District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA) has been working with impacted Local Councils, Football Clubs and other sporting associations to plan and propose an amended football playing winter football season. Any proposal is predicated on relevant government and sporting authorities permitting and supporting game activities which, at this stage, has NOT been given.
In preparation to support game day activities, the CDSFA have proposed an amended Winter 2020 Football season for U8 to Adult games with the following high-level features:

  1. Season start – early July preferably first or latest second weekend of July 
  2. Season end – early October dependent on start date and number of rounds (first or second weekend)
  3. Number of Rounds – Fourteen (14) Rounds of football for all age groups
  4. Divisional format – Age divisions will be based on an 8-team format within the 14-round structure. This means there may be some movement in the grading completed in March.
  5. Competitive game Champions – For competitive age groups (U12 and above), the division season’s Champion will be determined by first past the post approach. That is 1st place on the competition table in accordance with the CDSFA ranking procedures rules. There will be NO Finals played. 
  6.  Missed games – There will be no make-up of washout games and no interruption with any FNSW tournaments if/where applicable 

For over 10 years now, MFC has conducted an in-house training and game offering for U6s and U7s. The proposed Winter 2020 amended Club offering is that this offering will continue over 14 rounds with the same start and end dates as for the U8 to Adult teams.
MFC participation in the proposed amended Winter 2020 Season 
The Club has been asked by CDSFA to submit our interest in playing the proposed amended Winter 2020 Football Season.
To do this MFC needs to understand the number of players, and as a result, teams who wish to play. That is, each player needs to decide if they wish to participate in the new proposed format for the registration offer you agreed to between January and March 2020. This
DECISION: The Club requests each player, or their parent/guardian from U6 to Adult, contact your team’s coach and/or manager with your decision to either proceed or not to proceed by 4th June.  
The Club’s administrative support team will work with your team coach and/or manager to collate and manage the responses both at the player and team level.
Decision not to play in the amended Winter 2020 Season
If you decide that you do not wish to play Winter 2020 football and you seek a refund, it is essential ALL the following steps are performed by the due dates:

  1. Team notification – Email your coach and/or manager of your decision not to play by Thursday 4th June 2020
  2. Player deregistration – Login into www.playfootball.com.au and deregister your MFC 2020 player registration by Friday 12th June 2020
  3. Provide refund details – Complete the player refund form found on MFC Registrations & Refunds 
  4. Return player kit – Each player’s full kit (jersey, shorts and socks) MUST be received back at Mackey Park Clubhouse between 13th and 20th June. The sessions (days & times) to physically return these will be posted on MFC website

The Club’s plan is to return the registration refunds for all compliant refund requests by 15th July. The refund amount to be returned is dependent on the following:

  1. Consent – Club receiving player deregistration notification prior to 12th June via www.playfootball.com.au
  2. Processing administration fee – a refund administration processing fee of $30 applies to each refund request
  3. Return of Playing kit – The Club is in receipt of the player’s game day kit by 20th June. (Note: This does not apply to U6-7 players as the players’ kit have not been issued).
    1. Full player kit returns MUST be handed over at Mackey Park Club House between 13th and 20th June
    2. If full player kit is not received and confirmed by 20th June a fee of $60 will apply
  4. Active Kids Voucher (AKV) – The NSW Government $100 AKV rebate is non-refundable if it was used as part of your membership payment

An age summary of refunds, taking into account the refund variables, is presented below:

  U6-7 U8-11 U12-17 U18 Seniors
Registration fee paid $230 $260 $270 $290 $395
Refund WITH kit return & no AKV used $200 $230 $240 $260 $365
Refund WITH no kit return & no AKV used N/A $170 $180 $200 $305
Refund WITH kit return & AKV used $100 $130 $140 $160 N/A

If you have any additional queries, please contact your coach and/or manager in the first instance. Otherwise please email info@marrickvillefc.org.au

Gary Schmidt
President, Marrickville FC