Voluneer Page

It takes an estimated 15,600 hours per year to run our club over and above time given buy managers and coaches. That is 75 people giving up 4 hours per week across the year. If you have a desire we have a need. Please read on and see some of the ways you can help.


Each player registered with MFC is expected to support the running of the club during the season. Teams are responsible for pitch set up (First Team) and take down (Last Team). Remember if you are the home team at another ground (Not Steel or Mackey) you are responsible for this also. The host club should have an offical to guide you. In addition each team has to complete a Match Day Duty once per season.


The club is divided into 6 verticals each headed up by a director who is part of the management committee. Basically the club is a medium size business so our requirements for help are the same of any business and include financial, commercial, procurement, human resources, IT, operations (football), facilities management and governance. A sample of tasks in each area is provided below